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Group Tutorials - Research and Citation (January - March 2020)

Stop by our group tutorials on research and citation skills. They will be held on Thursdays between 12:30 and 1:30 PM in room 2-158 in the Learner Centre. Max 8 people, starts on January 23.

Each tutorial will be around a half an hour long. The second half hour is dedicated to your questions!
Session Description Date
How to Paraphrase Unsure how to paraphrase properly? Get an in-depth tutorial on a valuable skill. January 23
February 27
March 26
Using the library website/finding scholarly resources Does your instructor want you to include scholarly resources for your assignment? Learn how to use the library resources to find the best sources! January 30
March 5
Evaluating Information for your assignments Learn valuable time-saving tips on how to read an academic article and determining whether the information you found will work for you! February 6
March 12
APA Crash Course Can’t wrap your mind around APA? Drop in and learn the basics. February 13
March 19