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What do I do with the books I still have out?

The library drop box is located at the main entrance of the Singhmar Centre, in Imagine Hall. It is placed beside the security check-in desk.

All items checked out after September 1, 2020 will have a three week loan time - this is our regular loan period.

Items can be renewed for three weeks at a time if you need them for longer - you can renew items two times. It's best to renew them either on the due date or 1-2 days before.

If you have reached the renewal limit, please return your items to us. If items have been placed on hold by another person, you must return the item on or before its due date.

When you need to return NorQuest Library items, please bring them back to the library drop box at the main entrance of the Singhmar Centre. DO NOT BRING THEM TO THE LEARNER CENTRE - the space is still closed to students. 

You can also return our library items to other post-secondary libraries that may be closer to you - such as the University of Alberta. Use the outside drop boxes to do this.