NorQuest Mission, Values and Vision

NorQuest Library Mission

As subject matter experts and partners, we work with students, faculty, and staff across the college to achieve a common goal: learner success.

NorQuest Library Values

  • High quality teaching and service
  • Meeting all learners 'where they are at'
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Collaboration, consultation, and sharing of expertise
  • Open and equitable information access
  • Innovation, discovery, and creativity
  • Community: safety, respect, inclusion, and accessibility in our physical and digital spaces

NorQuest Library Vision

The library is an essential partner on the path to discovery, transformation, and lifelong learning.


Intellectual Freedom

Reconsideration Requests and Challenges to Intellectual Freedom

The library adheres to the Canadian Federation of Library Association’s (CFLA) statement on Intellectual Freedom. That statement is available through the CFLA’s website. This space is dedicated to the transparent reporting of all challenges to the legitimacy of library material; choice of library content; nature of library events or guests; content or placement of library displays. NorQuest College Library is committed to fairness and transparency regarding requests to reconsider library materials or events. There are no challenges to report at this time.


Equity and Inclusion

NorQuest College Library recognizes that our catalogue and resource descriptions contain language that reflects the biases, norms, and perspectives of the time in which they were created. 

In particular, for resources about persons and groups, this language is often outdated and harmful. These descriptions also incorporate controlled vocabularies, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which include some headings (e.g., Indians of North America), that are offensive or inappropriate. We use international standards for description, but support and actively participate in efforts to update and change these practices as we strive for descriptions that are inclusive, respectful, and do not cause harm. 

We acknowledge the critical importance of community consultation in these efforts, and as residents on Treaty 6 territory and Métis Region 4 we commit to working together with our local communities to make these changes. 

We pledge to amplify the voices of BIPOC and other groups of people that have been marginalized by the dominant narratives. These anti-racist efforts will be present in: 

  • Our collection processes as we source more BIPOC authors and catalogue them using a holistic lens;
  • Our instructional practices guided by the Skills of DistinctionCircle of Courage, and Wahkôhtowin, among other sources; and
  • Our policy decisions as we create spaces and services in our library that will approach the needs of our communities through collaboration and learning.

We are committed to critically reflecting on our actions in order to transform the colonial systems we operate within and we acknowledge the journey towards social justice will be ongoing and imperfect.

Learner Centre Rules and Guidelines

Learner Centre Floor Map

No food permitted in the Learner Centre. Drinks with lids are allowed. No food or drinks are allowed near the computers.

Do not leave personal belongings unattended.  You are responsible for your belongings at all times.  

Headphones must be used with audio devices or computers. Headphones are not available for loan.

Unauthorized canvassing, soliciting, or peddling is not permitted on college property.

Study Areas

Computer Commons Lab – No Food permitted, Low Talking, One person per computer
Quiet Study – No talking, phones set to silent mode
Study Carrels – Low talking is permitted
Study Tables – Working with a group is permitted, but be aware of your volume level

Bookable Rooms

The Library has 16 bookable Student Meeting Rooms for your group project or viewing session. The Library also has 3 bookable Online Service Rooms for students attending online classes or appointments. Bookings can be made through the online Room Booking system.

Be courteous when booking study rooms - don't monopolize the room and cancel if you no longer need your booking.

Room Booking Terms of Use  
  • Student booking only
  • Bookings are available up to 7 days in advance
  • Individuals or groups may not book more than 3 hours per day.
  • Rooms are considered free 15 minutes after the beginning of the booked timeslot if no group member has arrived to claim the room.
  • Rooms are available first come, first served when not reserved.
  • Working with a group is permitted in Student Meeting rooms, but be aware of your volume level
  • Group work is not permitted in Online Service Rooms.
  • Study rooms are available during library hours.
  • Do not leave your belongings to reserve a meeting room. 
  • Library Staff reserve the right to cancel room bookings.