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Title Skills Languages

Beth Vandenboogaard

Acquisitions Technician  Interlibrary Loans  Acquisitions  Distance  ebooks  ereaders  

As an Acquisitions Technician I am responsible for purchasing print materials and ebooks. I am also responsible for our library's Interlibrary Loan service and providing library resources to distance students and staff. You will also find me at the front desk assisting students and staff.

E: Beth.Vandenboogaard@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6081

Catherine Hergert

Library Assistant    

I am a Library Assistant at the Westmount Campus Library working in a shared position with Rita Jandrey. I am responsible for the day to day operations of the library including opening and closing, circulation, assisting faculty and students in finding materials to support projects, and pulling appropriate level reading material for student use during scheduled library times. I really enjoy helping students practice their growing English language communication skills!

E: Catherine.Hergert@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6709

David Mucz

Library Assistant  History  Research  Reference  

I am the 2016 summer Library Assistant and will be helping to evaluate a pilot moodle course. In addition I will also be performing circulation and reference duties and may have the opportunity to also work on some tutorials. I enjoy research, reading about history and current events, and helping users locate resources relevant to their information needs.

E: David.Mucz@NorQuest.ca
T: 780 644-6079

Eve Poirier

Head Librarian. BA, MLIS, MACT  Hiring really talented people  

As library manager, I am responsible for the overall financial, operational and strategic management of the library. I am a proud member of the NorQuest Library team and you can find me in the Learner Centre located on the 5th floor.

E: Eve.Poirier@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6258

Gisele Ramgoolam

Lead, Library Services    

As head cataloger, I am responsible for the organization and classification of the library's print and audio-visual resources. I lead the Collection Development Team and I manage the operations and staff of the Westmount Campus Library. You will also see me at the front desk assisting students and staff.

E: Gisele.Ramgoolam@norquest.ca
T: 780-644-6078

Kathy Zarft

Team Lead, Technical Services  Ezproxy  WorldCat Local  ebooks  online video  

I love investigating and implementing new technologies. I provide support for the library's technology and lead the purchasing and cataloging team. I troubleshoot any problems with off-campus access to our ebooks, databases or online video. I select materials for our Easy Reading and Paperbacks collection and am very interested in promoting the benefits of reading to our students.

E: Kathy.Zarft@NorQuest.ca
T: 780 644-6077

Leah Townsend

Instruction Librarian  Captivate  Nursing  Psychology  Philosophy  Distance Students  

As an instruction librarian, I provide support for on-campus and distance students to help develop their research, citation and critical thinking skills. I teach classroom instruction sessions and meet with students for face-to-face and online appointments. I am also developing online interactive tutorials which focus on many essential library skills.

E: Leah.Townsend@NorQuest.ca
T: 780 644-6074

Lindsay Steeves

Student Engagement and User Experience Technician  Information Literacy  Social Media  

As the Student Engagement and User Experience Technician, I plan activities and events at the library and manage our social media platforms. At the front desk, I provide a range of circulation and reference services for faculty and students. Additionally, I assist with research guide maintenance, collection development activities, and website updating.

E: Lindsay.Steeves@norquest.ca
T: (780) 644-6157

Liz Fulton Lyne

Lead Librarian (Instruction), BA, MA, MLIS  English Literature  Women's Studies  Information Literacy  Research Guides  

I am responsible for teaching and leading the ongoing development of our library's information literacy program. Our program includes classroom instruction sessions, face-to-face and online appointments with librarians, teaching and curriculum support, and online tools—all designed to develop students’ research, citation, critical thinking skills while promoting lifelong learning. I feel very fortunate to be part of this great team!

E: Liz.Fulton-Lyne@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6073

Marg Sheppard

Circulation Technician    

Provides support and assistance to library patrons at the Main library circulation desk. Respond to/or redirect library email enquires and have become the go to person for circulation procedure and problem questions.

E: Margaret.Sheppard@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6080

Michael Calaresu

Library Assistant  Research  Information Literacy  Patron Service  

At our circulation desk, I provide assistance to students and staff in identifying and accessing library resources. I also field a variety of questions from the academic to the mundane, and provide feedback regarding citation styles and strategies for research. I have a graduate degree in Library and Information Science and am currently researching neuroplasticity in my spare time. I am an avid potter, swimmer, hiker, and traveler.

E: Michael.Calaresu@norquest.ca

Penny Chu

Multi-Media Technician  Acquisitions  Contract Management  Online Videos  Social Media  

Apart from helping students & staff, I’m responsible for ordering audio-visual materials including online streaming videos. I also catalog resources, manage our Facebook page and process NEOS hold requests.

E: Penny.Chu@norquest.ca
T: 780-644-6157

Rita Jandrey

Library Assistant    

I am a Library Assistant at the Westmount Campus Library working in a shared position with Cathy Hergert. I am responsible for the day to day operations of the library including opening and closing, circulation, assisting faculty and students in finding materials to support projects, and pulling appropriate level reading material for student use during scheduled library times. It is a pleasure helping students achieve their English language goals.

E: Rita.Jandrey@Norquest.ca
T: 780-644-6709

Sarah Bailey

Instruction Librarian, BA, MLIS  ESL  LINC  AU  YIT  LES Pathways  graphic design English  French  Spanish 

I teach citation, research and evaluation skills. I create new research guides and tutorials that promote information literacy. I enjoy doing research, fixing technology problems, and helping students.

E: Sarah.Bailey@norquest.ca
T: 780-644-6072

Sherri Smith

Library Assistant  Information Literacy  Research  

You will most often find me at the circulation desk helping students with a variety of questions, from how to cite using APA, to locating the bathrooms and everything in between. When I'm not on the front desk, I work in the back room scheduling staff and booking rooms for library instruction among other things. I love helping students find relevant information as well as promoting literacy and lifelong learning.

E: Sherri.Smith@NorQuest.ca
T: 780-644-6076

Library website unavailable intermittently April 28 - April 30th

April 28, 2017

The Library website will be unavailable as a result of planned technology maintenance on Friday, April 28th from 5PM to 7PM and again on Saturday, April 29th from 6PM until 6PM, Sunday, April 30th. 
The website will be unavailable during this time but the Library Research Guides will be available:  http://libguides.norquest.ca

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Library hours for Spring term

April 14, 2017

From May 1 until June 23 the Learner Centre will be open the following hours:
7:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday to Thursday
7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Summer hours will commence on June 26.

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Learner Centre Move to Singhmar Centre for Learning

April 11, 2017

The 5th floor will close on August 11 to undertake the move to the Singhmar Centre for Learning and will reopen August 21 (dates are tentative – stay tuned for additional details as we get closer to the date).

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Interim Library Hours

April 24, 2017

From April 24th until April 28th the library will be open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

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Workshop for faculty and staff: APA Style Central
May 24, 2017 9:00 AM 60 min

APA Style Central is a new online tool developed by the American Psychological Association. Designed to help learners master APA style, it contains a variety of learning objects (including samples, instructional videos, and quizzes) as well as a writing environment with templates and formatting tools that automatically generate citations and references. Papers can be written directly in the platform and exported into Word. APA Style Central can also be integrated into Moodle courses.
Librarians will be officially rolling out APA Style Central to students starting in Fall 2017. The goal is to provide our students with a reliable tool to help them develop confidence in citing and referencing using APA, and the ability to cite their sources and create references more easily and accurately.
All are invited to attend this LRN session. Participants will be provided with an overview of the platform’s layout and main functions, and the opportunity to test it out for themselves!

Registration is available on the LRN. More information…

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