Featured Book

Memoirs of a goldfish: A goldfish gives a personal account of his experiences while swimming around his bowl as it slowly fills with fish and other accessories, only to realize when he is relocated for a cleaning how much he misses them.

Hats off to hair!: Paintings of real kids from many cultures show us the beauty, the splendor, and the wonder of our hair.

My name is not Alexander: Through his imaginative journey, Alexander discovers how great men become heroes: a tough president has a soft spot for nature, a proud warrior is also the most peaceful, and sometimes, being brave about what makes you different will not only help you break records, but inspire others.

Squeak! rumble! whomp! whomp! whomp! : a sonic adventure: Takes readers (and listeners) on a rollicking, clanging, clapping tour through the many sounds that fill a neighborhood.

My hands sing the blues : Romare Bearden's childhood journey: In Harlem, New York City, an artist follows the rhythms of blues music as he recalls his North Carolina childhood while painting, cutting, and pasting to make art.

Tyler makes pancakes!: Tyler wakes up eager to make pancakes for his family, but first he and his dog go to the market, where Mr. Jones tells them about the ingredients and where they come from. Includes a recipe for blueberry pancakes and facts about some of the foods mentioned.

Drawing lessons from the great masters: 100 great drawings analyzed/figure drawing fundamentals defined.